Type: Restaurant 
Location: c/Casp, Barcelona
Year: 2017
Size:  230 m2
Client: Private
Photography: Marta Fernández Canut

The desire for a direct and constant relationship between the diner and the food preparation process is key to the customer. The hawker carries his restaurant on wheels, stops at the indicated location, then unfolds it and cooks the food in front of the dinner guests. The project aims to generate an experience that reminds an inner restaurant that lightens the true actor of the restaurant: the menu, a reinterpretation of Asian and Latin American street food.

Given that resources are limited, a single element that fits in, concentrates all the activity and can articulate the space on its own purpose is introduced: the bar. A large red surface unfolds and runs through the premises, configuring all corners. The bar is the meeting point between the dining area and the completely open kitchen space.

Black and red colours predominate and evoke cinematic nightclubs like Wong Kar Wai’s, while maintaining the underground character of the gastronomic experience served there.

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Mad men - Matthew Weiner i In the Mood for love - Wong Kar-Wai