Type: Oficines Location: c/Àvila, BarcelonaYear: 2019-22Size: 2.150 m2Client: CloudworksPhotography: Del Rio Bani © The project consists in transforming an industrial building into an office one and the intervention affects the entire interior space and reformulates part of the envelope.                              The existing building dates from 1966 and has an exceptional typology, with four 5-meters high floors and […]

Ausiàs March

Type: Office Location: BarcelonaYear: 2021- en cursSize: 4.350 m2Client: PrivateImages: Playtime and Jorge Kilzi The project consists on a corporate office building from the sixties renovation, located in the Eixample neighbourhood. It is a mid-rise GF+6 building, with 16.40 m width of and 28.15 m depth. The project aims to renovate the envelope to provide a […]


Type: Public facility, LibraryCompetition: 2nd Prize, 2023Location: BanyolesSize: 3.560 m2Client: Ajuntament de BanyolesTeam: Ida + Josep LlinàsImages: Binil The new Banyoles Regional Library placement offers the opportunity to regain a significant space for Banyoles citizens remembrance at the same time that provides great transformative and revitalizing potential to the new premises. The former La Providència […]


Type: Housing Location: TerrassaYear: 2021- on goingClient: Private This is a semi-detached single-family housing project located in the Terrassa old town. The plot has privileged conditions with almost 7.5 meters width and a lush and well-oriented rear garden. The client requests a minimally compartmentalized house with spatial continuity. Our proposal is conceived with the primary intention […]


Type: UrbanismLocation: Aulant, FranceYear: 2023Client: Europan + CAM + Aulnat  Team: Ida + Bea Saladich + Alfonso Bertrán This project is developed in continuity with the Aulnat Centripete project for the Europan 16 Living Cities competition. Following the competition, Clermont Auvergne Métropole and the city of Aulnat commissioned the 3 winning teams to create an Urban […]


Type: Research BuildingCompetition: Finalists, 2022Location: VigoSize: 13.500m2Client: Centre Superior d’Investigacions Científiques (CSIC)Team: Ida + MetrònomImages: mmZ Images The project is located on the waterfront of the Vigo estuary, between the industrial shipyards the military settlement of ETEA. Our proposal consists on a reinterpretation of the hangars architectural typology that shape the entire coastal landscape. The […]


Type: Officie Location: c/Muntaner, BarcelonaYear: 2020Size: 300m2Client: PrivatPhotographies: José Hevia The project is set in a nineteenth-century urban estate on Av. Diagonal in Barcelona. The proposal aims to enhance the architectural quality of the existing spaces and generate new elements that help articulate its functioning. The dwelling is organized on the floor with the following structure: […]

Aulnat Centripète

EUROPAN 16Competition: Runner-upLocation: Aulnat, FranceClient: Europan + CAM + AulnatTeam: Ida + Bea Saladich + Alfonso Bertrán + Biel Susanna  The metropolis of Clermont-Ferrand is a territory structured by landscape, as a result of its geology and volcanic history. The settlement of the different uses and activities is strongly related to the topography and the […]


Type: OfficeLocation: Av. Diagonal, BarcelonaYear: 2019Size: 290 m2Client: Colectivos VIPPhotographies: Marta Fernández Canut The space is located in the 22@ Barcelona district, in a privileged junction opened to the city. The main purpose of the proposal is to prioritize the space in a functional way while favoring long views towards the outside and visual connection […]


Type: Officie Location: Av. Burgos, MadridYear: 2020Size: 260 m2Client: Colectivos VIPPhotographies: Del Rio Bani © The proposal is organized into two programmatic blocks: the enclosed spaces, meeting rooms and storage, and the open work and rest areas. The enclosed pieces are arranged in a cross shape on each level and occupy a central position aiming to […]